Why learn Transcendental Meditation

Why learn Transcendental Meditation

Inner peace & happiness

Transcendental Meditation produces a coherent state of restful alertness – a state of true inner peace for your mind and also your body. Deep within your mind is a peaceful field of pure consciousness, your own awareness awake to its own most settled state. TM allows you to experience it – effortlessly.

Inner peace: a mind-body experience

It’s not enough to affirm yourself to inner peace. You have to experience it in the physiology. The deep restfulness experienced during TM relaxes the body and allows it to release stress and built-up fatigue. When your nervous system is less tense, you can react more calmly to problems that arise.

Inner peace is easy

By adding the calming experience of Transcendental Meditation to your daily routine, inner peace grows easily. The natural tendency of the mind is to go in the direction of more happiness and peace. When practising TM, this process happens naturally and automatically. Studies have found that Transcendental Meditation reduces anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Maharishi speaks on happiness (3 mins)

Stress relief

TM actually eliminates the effects of stress, internally, physiologically. This results, when practised regularly, in a more balanced outlook, more energy and motivation, and a deeper appreciation of one’s surroundings.

Transcendental Meditation Reduces Stress Naturally

Everyone is aware of the negative effects of stress. It decreases performance, harms relationships, and creates physical wear and tear. In short, it curtails enjoyment of life. Furthermore it tends to build up in the system over the course of a lifetime. Even a good night’s sleep or an extended holiday does not enable us to recover fully. Nowadays, stress is a fact of life – but it does not need to be.

Creating a balanced outlook

There may or may not be things we can do to reorganise our lives externally in order to help to reduce stress. But whether or not this is an option, internally Transcendental Meditation actually eliminates the effects of stress, physiologically. This results, when practised regularly, in a more balanced outlook, more energy and motivation, and a deeper appreciation of things.

Calmer response to stress

Because each individual is different, the balancing effects of TM may bring different benefits for different people, for example: fewer headaches, improved sleep, increased energy or better relationships. However, one benefit that the majority of people share is that they can generally handle stressful situations better after learning TM.

How TM reduces stress – (6 mins), Dr Oz, Heart Surgeon

“This meditation can help a lot of people. It is important to understand exactly how it effects stress. Which of course impacts our physiology and in particular how TM reduces stress and stress-related disorders.”

Dive within

“The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless way to dive within, to experience an ocean of pure consciousness, pure creativity, pure knowingness. It’s a unique experience but also very familiar – it is your own Self.”

“Consciousness & Creativity” – (4 mins), David Lynch, film maker and chair of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace

Developing a creative brain

Your brain did not come fully assembled at birth. Through the natural processes of maturation and experience, your brain is being created anew at every moment, to support all your thinking, deciding and behaviour. The on-going creation of your brain is a dynamic process.

The experience of restful alertness during Transcendental Meditation creates the optimum condition to unfold your full potential, for maximum intelligence and creativity in a completely effortless way, while preventing the damaging effects of stress on the brain.

Increased creativity

Individuals who learned TM showed increased creativity in comparison to controls as measured by a higher level of pictorial originality when measured after five months of practice. They also showed increased creativity as measured by higher levels of pictorial flexibility and verbal fluency (not charted).

“Creativity I would never have imagined” – (1 min), Mindy Weisel, Artist

The Reasons to Learn TM

1. Transcend
This one simple technique allows you to go beyond thinking and contact the deep, transcendental source of all your energy, creativity and intelligence, dissolving stress and enriching mind, body, emotions, and relationships.

2. It Works
Benefits verified by hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies.

3. It’s easy
If you can think a thought, you can practise Transcendental Meditation. But it’s not just thinking, you’re transcending thought to experience the most peaceful, expansive state of inner being – pure awareness – which is natural and life-supporting for everyone.

And here are few words of encouragement from tmhome.com site, have a look at this page:

“… why do they meditate?

cameron-diaz meditationpaul-mccartney meditationSheryl Crow meditation

Oprah Winfrey meditationKaty Perry meditation

Ellen DeGeneres meditationHugh Jackman meditation

David Lynch meditationDr Oz meditationClint Eastwood meditation

Just consider — these are all people who have every cause to be happy about their lives. They are either rich, beautiful, successful — or all of that. They are adorned by fans and friends and followers. So it all begs the question…It might be that there is still something in life which eludes the mere external success. Meditation is a gateway to one’s inner stability and true peace, love and happiness. Celebrity or not, who wouldn’t want to be at peace with the world, and with oneself?

On the other hand, some of the success of these people might be the cause of their meditation practice.

Would David Lynch be the director he is without 40 years of TM practice? Would Ramani Ayer or Ray Dalio have earned all their millions without it?

How could Joaquim Chissano have so dramatically improved the state of his country without learning mediation, and offering it subsequently to his whole administration?

By practicing meditation and just trusting in your natural wisdom, depth and integrity, you can certainly become not only happy and harmonious, but perhaps also… one of the famous people who meditate!”

Now you are probably ready to learn TM
and it does not matter for what reasons you will start –
you’ll enjoy a holistic unfoldment of all aspects of your life.
Then how is the TM course structured?

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