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My name is Marek Rozenberg and I’m sixty nine years young. Since childhood I have had a strong desire to see world peace become a permanent reality on earth. When I learned TM – I was twenty at the time – it was a life changing event for me. I realised that TM is a real solution to eradicate not only all negativity from individual life but also on a global scale, to end all violence and wars. I felt that becoming TM teacher was the only worthwhile profession I could undertake. After two years of regular practice I became TM teacher and have been full time in the TM Movement ever since.

I have been practicing the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme for forty five years. In 1981 I had the honour and privilege to join the Maharishi Purusha Programme. It’s a programme designed for single men, free from any obligations of work or family life, who would like to devote their lives to create coherence in collective consciousness and at the same time speed up their progress towards enlightenment. Joining Purusha was a fulfilment of a long standing desire.
For the past eighteen years I have been living in the Himalayas in Northern India, at an ashram Maharishi established especially for the Purusha group.

On Purusha our main focus is the practice of the advanced TM-Sidhi programme. I’m therefore dependent on financial support from those who appreciate the importance of having such coherence creating groups in different parts of the world. That is why you will see a ‘Donate’ button at the bottom of these pages, and the button has a heart on it  🙂 , showing that I’m grateful for any support you can offer.

Life here at the ashram is simple and less expensive than in the West but still each of us has to make sure that the costs for room and board are covered. In addition I have to cover all my personal expenses for travel, health care, clothing etc.

All donations are important and most welcome – thank you!
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I really hope that these pages have been an inspiration for you to learn TM so you quickly start living a more fulfilling life in every possible way. Please do keep me informed of the benefits you experience.

I wish you all the best!


Meditation Yoga

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