Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Santos, practises Transcendental Meditation

Juan Manuel Santos

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Colombia’s president Juan Manuel Santos, explained in a Swedish national TV programme how he handles stress, with exercise and meditation (TM):
“I exercise and meditate, I meditate quite a lot. I relax and practice Transcendental Meditation once or twice a day.”

Here are parts of his beautiful thank you speech, during the Nobel Prize ceremonies on 10 December – “Peace in Colombia: From the Impossible to the Possible”

“With this agreement, we can say that the American continent – from Alaska to Patagonia – is a land in peace. And we can now ask the bold question: if war can come to an end in one hemisphere, why not one day in both hemispheres?  Perhaps more than ever before, we can now dare to imagine a world without war. The impossible is becoming possible.”

“We are the result of our thoughts; the thoughts that create our words; the words that shape our actions. That is why we must change from within. We must replace the culture of violence with a culture of peace and coexistence; we must change the culture of exclusion into a culture of inclusion and tolerance.”

“At our core, there are no inherent differences: not the colour of our skin; nor our religious beliefs; nor our political ideologies, nor our sexual preferences. All these are simply facets of humanity’s diversity. Let’s awaken the creative capacity for goodness, for building peace, that live within each soul.

In the end, we are one people and one race; of every colour, of every belief, of every preference. The name of this one people is the world. The name of this one race is humanity. If we truly understand this, if we make it part of our individual and collective awareness, then we will cut the very root of conflicts and wars.”

“The sun of peace finally shines in the heavens of Colombia. May its light shine upon the whole world!”

Full speech text:


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  1. I’ve been waiting a long time for TM and its potential for creating peace in the world through peace in the individual to make front page news. Here it is.

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